So, this device is not for sale, but ...

... musicians use analog signal from this device, such as SoundPie to their music.
Hydrogen|Micro it's a new cybernetic&audio invent. It's analogue random sensor that allows the recording of harmonic noises on the hydrogen wave. Data from inaudible frequency bands are converted into an acoustic signal named "LAYER|Ø". The electronic circuite  is placed in a vacuum, so you can listen the pure, harmonic analogue noise from space /"zero-space"/. The silent harmonic noises of LAYER|Ø expands the perception of sound, adding harmonic noise and natural base of music for ~432Hz. Try the true magic of ~LAYER|Ø. Make music with oryginal Hydrogen SoundPie.

Make music with ~LAYER|Ø

Looking for new inspiration, deep sounds, more impressiom?


Exlusive Analog SoundPie For The Best Music. Coming Soon


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Tru magic of Layer|ZerØ

by Merhlin ~ visionary, musician and inventor, passionate, a fan of space and astronomy, philanthropist and voyager.

Inventor, contrabassist, pianist, composer, artist, writer and poet. He has published ~3000 texts, stories and vivid performances, where the message is personal freedom. Founder and member of the board of the Harmonic Wave Foundation. Initiator of "Urwisko" - Experimental Audio Visual Theater. Mr M. composed albums Start2Stars Part I, II and II, Vilandia, OutFlows - the collection music for meditation, revitalization. Inventor of analog computers and other sonic device.
In 2017 started a new project "Expanse of the Silence" which is the registration project of the silence in different, interesting places in the world, with the use of vacuum microphones and registrars in techology AIR | Analogs InSound Recorder.

I love music and silence, riddles, anonymity and grapefruit juice.

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